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Floral designs add life and vitality to a home. Florals bring color where needed, elevate the mood and bring happiness to your home.  Flowers are proven to reduce stress in a person and provide liveliness to any space. Carol Vaziri, the principle floral Designer at Décor Accents has more than 25 years of experience in designing permanent florals, which are botanically correct and masterfully and artfully designed. With her choice of the highest quality permanent florals and her artistic touch, Carol brings life to her floral design creations. Many a times our clients cannot distinguish her permanent floral designs from natural florals. Visit décor Accents and choose the perfect floral piece to complete your home décor.

In addition to florals, plants and trees serve a crucial role in bringing life and warmth to a home. Placing Plants and trees in a home is a great way to fill empty spaces, add height or dimension to a room, and also bring nature inside your home. We offer a large selection of high quality artificial plants and trees that can be ordered in many sizes. You can choose a planter from our inventory or bring your own planter if you prefer us to pot your tree.

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